Abstract Expression is an art form which is a truthful expression of who we are, in our beauty and non-beauty. Please share in my personal journey and review my GALLERY

Catheryn Austin







Interpretation of a Dream

Enter the twilight
sub-conscious planes of awareness
lingering below the periphery of reality
the land of dreams
where events past, merge with visions future
prophecies of the now, and the hereafter.

Share a timeless journey along the path of a soul
within a glowing mystic light
where shadows shimmer
and spirits roam.

See your personal solitude
experience your ascendancy
imagine your dreams
feel your path
and touch your spirits.

Transcend the reality of the now




Catheryn Austin's work reflects a personal journey in time and space, often venturing into the spiritual realm in a style she identifies as Abstract Realism which she classifies as a derived form of Abstract Expressionism.


In her Art you often find yourself in a place you know; where color and light vibrate around an event that is both physical and spiritual - hence Abstract Realism. These qualities of expression allow the past, present and future to coexist in a plane beyond the surface of the canvas to create masterful pieces of timelessness.

Her work is illusionary, enchanting and beyond the now.


These existentialist qualities of Austin's art allow you, the observer, to participate at a very personal level. You are drawn in to react with your own experience and feelings, to emerge with an altered perception of your own being.