The images in my work are metaphors for the 'self'. They refer to the idea of individuality-----or the individual vantage-point; the peculiarity, and sometimes isolation, of the personal experience; the illusive nature of identity; and the intangible sensation of the uniqueness of one's existence. Many of my paintings represent the struggles of Woman within a primarily male dominant culture.. The solitude they sometimes feel, as well as the challenges they face practically and spiritually. Often symbols or elements,  such as birds and nests, are incorporated in a composition. The portrayal suggests a strong feminine side of nature and the environment.

  For nearly fifteen years, I have used realistic or representational image, in combination with landscape and elements of abstraction in an attempt to produce a genre-inclusive style. I have been influenced by notions of duality, the concept of the self and the other, difference and similarity, and the philosophical foundations of my life from childhood onward. I am interested in the eastern notion of impermanence, and the position that the self is a construct and an illusion.

 As an abstract painter, my interest is to explore a visual language that speaks to the convergence of land/sky, translucence/opaqueness, infinite/finite. Painting materials have been chosen that will reflect both the dense, opaque, slow-moving nature of earth and the fluid, transparent nature of air. Natural substances of Venetian plaster oil paint and collage are juxtaposed with translucent glazes of linseed oil, mineral spirits and beeswax. Images may appear static yet be fluid.





Washington, DC, US



BA Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
BFA International Fine Arts College, Miami, FL
Fortman Studios, Florence, Italy


1976  Cates Plaza Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1975  Southwestern Watercolor Society Exhibition, Houston, Texas
1981  Folger Shakespeare Library-Museum, Washington, DC
1984  Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC
1988  American College in London, faculty exhibit, London, UK
92/94 Kristen Johnson Gallery, Georgetown, Washington,DC
92/96 Randall Beck Gallery,  Newbury Street, Boston, MA
91/95 Lagerquist Gallery, Inc, Buckhead, Atlanta, GA
92/96 Gay Head Gallery, Martha's Vineyard, MA
1994  Del Oro Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
1994  Tresors D Art International, Singapore
95/98 Gallerie Modus, Place de Voges, Paris, France
1995  Clayton Gallery, Hyde Park, Tampa, FL
1996  Gallery Vivendi, Paris, France
99/01 Gallery Electra, Sausalito, CA
01/03 Richard Thomas Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Park City UT
01/03 Carol Robinson Gallery, Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA
03/06 Art Brokers Inc, Mill Valley, CA
2006  Stanfield Fine Art, Aspen, CO & Park City, UT
93/06 Verve, Columbia, SC 


Sony Music Corporation, New York, NY
Mary Chapin Carpenter Entertainment Corp., Washington, DC
Ritz Carlton Buckhead, Atlanta, GA
Skip Soroka Design, Washinton, DC
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
Hasten Design Group, Washington, DC
Silverstien & Mullens, Washington DC
Sourdy Maxim, Paris France
M. Brudy, Mexico City
D. Cefi, Istanbul, Turkey
Memar Archiicture, Washington, DC
Pennsicola Museum of Art, Pennsicola, FL
ACP Architecture, Las Vegas, NV
Pebble Beach Resort, Carmel, CA
Hilton Hotels Corporation, San Francisco, CA
Monterey Marriot, Monterey, CA
Hotel Vintage Plaza, Portland, OR
Hotel Vintage Park, Seattle WA
The Melrose Group, New Orleans, LA


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